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    Default Daily schedule & Records

    I'm new to T4L and homeschooling. Is there a way to set up a schedule for my daughter to follow that is on the site? And how do I retrieve her records to see how she's doing?

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    Hi there Yasmin710!! We always just decided how many of each subject that we needed to do and assigned it like that. That way it didn't overwhelm my boys too much!! Then you can log into your parent account and see what they did that day and what they scored on any tests. It always let me know if i needed to go over something in more detail with them!
    Here are some links to help you navigate T4L which I found helpful in the beginning
    Hints and Helps
    Getting Started Using Time4Learning
    You might also want to check out theTN state forum. It's a great place to meet folks in your state and perhaps find some who are not too far from you.
    I recommend looking over Time4Learning's free "Welcome to Homeschooling" guide for all new homeschoolers, for anyone who is just starting out.
    My personal blog- Pandahoneybee's Homeschooling Adventure

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