Enjoying Time4Learning from Augusta, Georgia
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    Default Enjoying Time4Learning from Augusta, Georgia

    Hi everybody!

    We are a first year homeschooling family with four kids who just moved to Georgia from Pittsburgh PA (Go Steelers!) We have been here since July. I had to make a quick decision about what to do for school and came across a curriculum that worked really well for us (Adventures in My Father's World) but my kids, especially my 2nd grader, needed some extra help in English. She started 2nd grade this year barely reading or writing (thank you public schools, NOT!) I would like to help her enjoy school and get her reading level up to a normal one! So far this has been a fabulous supplement and she begs to do her "computer school."

    I have 2 preschoolers, a girl who is 3 and a boy who is 5. I am always looking for advice for whaWt to do with them while I am teaching the other two!

    My students are both girls, my 2nd grader is 7 (she will be 8 next week) and my 3rd grader is 9. I only have the 2nd grader enrolled in Time4Learning right now, but my oldest is asking to join.

    Thanks for reading my wall of text Hope to get to know ya'll soon!


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    Hi Darrling, and welcome! I saw that you already joined the GA forum we have here, it was good to see you there. I'm glad that your 2nd grader is enjoying the program so much! My boys love it. My oldest is in 7th grade and has been using it since he was in 2nd grade. My youngest is in 2nd grade and has used it since the Pre-K level. He begged to do the school that his brother was using. We signed him up a little early for Pre-K, and he actually went through it twice. But that was fine with me, and he was happily occupied during "school time."

    As far as activities for the wee ones, there are some websites where they can play educational games. I wish I had some non-computer suggestions, but we are technojunkies here. The boys had their own computers before they could hold a crayon, lol. The websites are SpellingCity, Vocabulary.co.il and LearningGamesforKids. The vocab one, and LGfK are both totally free (and really, they are a lot of fun...even my 7th grader will hop on LGfK and play something). You can sign up for SpellingCity for free, and use it successfully, but there is a premium membership option if you wanted more activities and options.

    Hope that helped a little. Looking forward to chatting with you more...
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    Welcome to T4L!! I see that Ms Katie already gave you all the links I would have suggested! We have been using T4L for 4+ years now (we homeschool year round so it has to count for more, LOL) and my boys both love it! (oldest aged out this past year but still using it with youngest (4th grade)I totally suggest it to anyone with younger kiddos or more than one because it totally allows me to work one on one with one son while the other is learning and having fun on T4L!

    Thanks for the intro and hope to see you on the forum!
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