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    Hi, my name is Janie Marks and I hail from Texas. We have been using the program for a couple of weeks now and I am just discovering all the program has to offer. My grandson is 8 and started the 2nd grade this past August but at the end of 1st grade he was a complete non reader. The school told me he had a severe reading disability and as I had been a special ed teacher I had no reason to disbelieve them. My son was adamant that he was not a special ed student but I was sure that this was just pride and quietly said nothing. Then over the summer I found a phonics program online by Jim Yang and decided to give it a try. it was instant success and he is now reading after only 6 months. He started school with a severe speech defect and could not speak understandably until the middle of first grade so I think the school made the mistaken assumption that as they could not understand him he could not understand them. This school year started badly so we decided to take him out and I would home school and I was lucky enough to find this program that i can afford. My biggest problem is that he has been taught that he can't do anything so we are struggling to make him understand that he absolutely can. He no longer wants to learn as it has only brought him bad results and a feeling of worthlessness. I am putting my faith in this program and I am sure that as he continues to be successful he will once again look forward to the challenge of learning.
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    Jackie: I am in Texas also. I have an eight year old daughter and we encountered issues with the level of excellence in Texas schools. She gets bored. We have been on Time4Learning for 4 months and she gets bored and I am not a formal teacher - so it is difficult to keep her on schedule. I know that your 8 year old will love the program - go through it and start at the beginning - in Kindergarten for the Language Arts and it will go fast to refresh him with what he may have lost. Then as he progresses he will get more confident passing the tests. It isn't easy home schooling and I highly recommend that you join the Texas Home School Coalition since schools tend to report homeschooling families to CPS and you do not want CPS at your home. They are very very hard on home schoolers. Please join the coalition so that if anyone questions your choices you have legal support which is free and part of membership which is about $10 a month. So far, this is the best online program I have found. Perhaps we can figure out a way for the two to help eachother through online communications.


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