Experimenting with hopes to do homeschooling permanently
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    Default Experimenting with hopes to do homeschooling permanently

    Hi everyone! I have been talking with my husband about homeschooling for about a year now. We have a five year old daughter, who is in kindergarten right now. So far, educationally, the school isn't so bad. There are things that I think a kindergartener doesn't need to learn yet, like what a prepositional phrase is. Is that really in kindergarten curriculum these days? I don't know if I did that when I was that little.

    Anyways, my daughter is constantly getting in trouble for talking too much and not taking a nap at rest time. She loves talking and she's very active, always has been. My daughter tells me how kids are always making fun of her and she has a hard time making connections with other kids. I spoke to the teacher one day and she told me that "most of her kids went to preschool, so they know how to socialize and listen to instructions" - assuming my little girl didn't go and doesn't know how to listen. I corrected her and told her she went to private preschools for two years. Then she told me that my little girl just needed to get over thinking that everything is all about her. My little girl has been acting out at home for a few months now and can be very naughty. She has been turning into one of "those kids" at school. She is also getting extremely emotional - not normal for her.

    I talked to my husband, after I found time4learning, and said "let's give it a try" while she's in school now and over the summer as a supplement and see how it goes. We've had it for less than a week and she can't get enough of this program! She loves sitting in my lap and "working" on the computer. I have to drag her off of it. It makes it so much easier than trying to force what they're trying to teach her at school down her throat.

    We've decided that if it works, she won't be going back to public school until high school, if she wants. I'm so excited! I have so much I want to teach my little girl - not just in school. I so hope this works out for us!

    I'd like to get this on the TV screen though - any suggestions?

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    Hello Nichole, and welcome to the T4L family! So glad you found us.

    I am sorry to hear of your public school troubles, but am not surprised at all. It sounds like the teacher spoke inappropriately. It sounds like your daughter will flourish learning at home. There are so many fun and educational things she can participate in by homeschooling.

    I would suggest you consider finding a local homeschool support group and local homeschool co-op. Both are so essential, especially when first starting to homeschool. The co-op offer classes your daughter can take and be around other homeschool kids...for fun, not for the purpose of socialization. The "socialization" issue non-homeschooling folks speak of is a myth!

    Here are some tips for using T4L and a great e-book for new homeschooling folks. It is comprehensive without being overwhelming. Peek around the other forums here, especially your state forum. It's a great way to meet others and lean about things going on in your state.

    Tech Issues and Help can answer your question about using the TV.

    Best wishes!

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    Hi, Nichole. I don't have much to add to what Jackie said. You can start to connect with a homeschool support group in your area before you start homeschooling. Maybe you can attend some of their events and meetings to start to meet homeschoolers.
    I'm very excited for you! And I'm so glad you found T4L.
    You may want to go to the T4L forum for your state and introduce yourself there (top right).

    I look forward to seeing you around the forums.

    homeschooling 3 (2 high school and 1 elementary)
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    Hi, Nichole. Yes definitely connect with a local homeschool support group. There is usually many different levels of parents from novice homeschoolers to old pros. Don't be shy, ask questions. Usually they are more than happy to help. They can give you alot more info than your umbrella school can offer. Our daughter started homeschool in kindergarten and all I ever heard was 'what about socializing' My answer: "We go to church, she has a homeschool group that meets once a week, she is in dance, and gymnastics." As she got older she became a jr olympic level gymnast and homeschooling offered her a more flexible schedule. But socializing was never a problem.
    Our son had opportunities that most kids or parents would never dream of ie: trip to Canada, opportunities to be involved in presidential political campaigns etc. He graduated in 2000 and has been all over the world with the military. He was labeled by teachers from k - 5th grade ADHD, being difficult, acting out etc. I had 1 teacher tell me either you put him on medication or get him out of my classroom. It was at that point we decided to homeschool and I have never looked back. I worked for a pediatrician at the time and he supported our decision completely.
    I also watched parents who couldn't wait to ship their kids off to school every year, and that made me very sad. I love every minute I get to spend with my kids and now grandkids too! Have a great time with you kids, enjoy every moment, those years will be gone before you realize it!!!

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