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    Hi, I've been a member of T4L for close to a month now. I LOVE this curriculum. I have an 8 yr. old, 7 yr. old & 2 yr. old (all boys). I'm in my 3rd year of homeschooling. The first year was great! The second year was a mess! I put a lot of time & effort into putting together my own curriculum for my children (both in 2nd grade). Our days began to get longer and longer and after careful consideration and looking into our financial matters a little closer, my DH & I were able to enroll our children into this program. So far it's been a delight! There have been some situations where I've had to come up with other activities to help the material stick. But I love the fact that we can repeat the lessons as many times as necessary.

    I decided to homeschool a few years ago because when my oldest was in Kindergarten (public school) homework had become a real chore and very time consuming. My child cried, I cried and my husband came home to try to help from his perspective...he was frustrated. I kept asking his teachers if certain things were normal and they kept saying it was but I had doubt so I began having him tested. BINGO...I was right! He has a learning disability and his teachers were missing it! On top of that he was being bullied by a group of children in his classroom. All these things made my decision easier. I let him finish out the school year and began teaching them at home.

    My 2 year old makes my days very difficult. So I had to figure out how to manage keeping my older kids on task while keeping my 2 yr old at least half tamed. (yes, he is very much like a wild animal and I don't know why or where his wild behavior came from because my other two have never ever given me so much trouble) With one half messed up computer and a two year old...well, it works out. I can put one kid on the p.c. while the other might be working on a worksheet or reading a book. If not, they can tend to baby brother. Sometimes I have an activity that I can get my toddler involved in too. Sometimes, I have one working on the p.c., the other on another activity while baby and I work around the house. Anyway....I'm very busy, tired, and sometimes a little on the crazy side. I could really use some people to relate to. Well, I think that's all for the moment. I can type forever so that's why I voluntarily stop now. LOL. Well, I look forward to hearing from y'all.

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    Hi Lilly. Welcome to the parent forums. You do sound very busy but it sounds like you are making it work. Do you have coloring books, building blocks, large legos, small cars, little things to help occupy your two year old nearby while you are doing school? Maybe you could make a small basket of things that can only be played with during school time. That will keep those toys special so they may occupy the little one more. Please let us know if we can help in any way. Have you checked out the forum for your state yet?
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