Feeling confused and frustrated! HELP!
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    Default Feeling confused and frustrated! HELP!

    Okay, we just started T4L today. I set my start date and finish date. I see the weekly schedule, but I am not sure how much she should do daily, do I just try and divide it up over 5 days? Also, when she finishes a lesson is she supposed to check it off on the schedule that she did it, or should it do that on its own? Another thing I am wondering, with the start and finish date, is that going to cram a whole school year into that time frame? Because I just pulled my kids out of public school, so does it start from the time of the year that it is, or will they be doing a whole school year in the remainder of the year? Also a little about us. I am a stay at home mom of 4, ages 12, 11, 4, and 3 months. I home schooled my kids last year using a Christian based curriculum, it did not work out well at all. They hated it and so did I! I home schooled them because of the bullying that was going on at school. So this year we decided to try again with public school. Same troubles only worse! My son was attacked on the bus just because he was sitting in a spot someone else wanted. The boy repeatedly punched my son in the head, kneed him in the face, and scratched him all over his face and neck. My daughter also was daily being bullied daily. So I pulled them out and started searching for a new curriculum, and someone told me about T4L. So here I am, first day, and I feel so lost. I hope my questions made sense, and sorry this ended up being so long. Thanks!

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    I am so sorry to hear about the bullying. I wish I could say that it is an isolated case. Unfortunately, I hear about this every day. I'm afraid I have never used the activity scheduler myself. There is a video on how to use it. You might want to check that out. An easy way to figure out how many lessons to do each day is to look at the total number of activities that there are in the year. Divide this number by the number of days you plan to "do" school. That is the number of activities you will need to complete each day.

    The lessons are not automatically checked off on the scheduler. If you follow the little green arrows through the lessons, each lesson will be checked off or marked as completed or mastered when it is finished with an acceptable grade. I get caught up with details so I print off the lesson plans. Each day when my son finishes his work I go to the little backpack in the corner of the page. I click this to open it. Then I can see the grades he made that day in each lesson. I write these scores down on my lesson plan.

    Some parents who start the program in the middle of the school year start at the beginning and work through the entire year. Others just go through the chapter tests to see what their children already know. If your child already knows the material there is no reason to repeat it. If they don't do well on the chapter test, you can then go back and do the actual lessons that lead up to that test.

    Please look around the forums. Let us know if we can help with anything. Best wishes on this wonderful journey.
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    Omg I totally feel what you are saying I'm a mom of 4 ages 12,10,4and 2 and I love t4l but have no idea how to use it without overloading them and them forgetting everything

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    Christina, I just wanted to reassure you that your children can retain more than you think! Because children can use Time4Learning in the comfort and safety of their own home, and because they are getting one-on-one instruction they will probably retain more information than they would in a class of 30 kids/1 teacher, and the threat of bullying hanging over their heads! I would just tell you that you can figure out your start dates and end dates, and figure out how many lessons they should do each day to finish, but if you are starting mid-year you might consider letting school run into the summer, and do a whole grade of T4L from now until August which would be about the same length as a regular school year. The other thing you have the freedom to do in homeschooling is let your kids zip through what they know and then allow them to spend more time/practice in lessons where they might need more learning. That's how we do it at our house, if she knows the info my daughter can opt to do quiz only with a score of 90%. If she is not able to make a 90 without doing the lessons she has the option to go back and do all the lessons in a section and quiz again for a score of 80%. I require the high score for no lessons/quiz only because I don't want her to lucky guess her way through school, I want to make sure that she actually knows the material! Happy homeschooling!
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