finishing 5th grade
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Thread: finishing 5th grade

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    Default finishing 5th grade

    we are new to homeschooling and struggling. we hope to get back into public school next year. I'm not sure how to keep my son on track so he can get back into his old school. what will his school look for on his records. this curriculum is a little different than the school's. I'm worried that he's going to fall behind. I'm overwhelmed. the tests can be difficult in some subjects and it looks like he's failing most of his subjects according to his reports.
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    Hi! Welcome to Time4Learning!

    Each school's curriculum will be different. Even when there are strict standards for a subject, schools have a lot of leeway regarding exactly when they present the material and in what order.

    Time4Learning is not a school. Time4Learning is a homeschool curriculum. Until high school, most schools will enroll a previously homeschooled student at the grade level that corresponds to their age. A few are strict about "credits" for middle schoolers.

    There are no laws about what private school or homeschool work a public school must accept for credit, so it often comes down to the opinion of the person you speak with at the school.

    Make sure you are only reading his percentage scores on the reports. The colored pass/fail bars are only used by schools, as they represent the progress of an entire classroom of students.
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    My Son just started home-schooling Jan. 2016 he is 8th grade and has always been in Pub. Schools.
    We were told by the Principal that he could come back if it did not work out. I am concerned to about him
    not staying on track. T4L is based on % so I hope he is learning.

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    My son is going back to public school for the 7th grade. We have been using time for learning for the past year. I feel like he has gotten a better education and been exposed to more subjects using time for learning than he would have in 6th grade public school. I am not at all concerned about his ability to keep up with the new material. He has gotten great grades with TL4.

    My state doesn't require any kind of portfolio but I have kept one anyway. In case there was any questions. I've kept a copy of the schedules which lists the lesson so if anyone looked at it, they could see what we have covered. I've also printed out the lesson plans as a sort of back up because they also explain each lesson. For math, I've kept all the worksheets he has completed.

    To generate a public school type report card, I have been using a website called thinkwave. When my son completes the lesson quizzes, I just take that percent and plug it into the program and it keeps an A, B,C type grade and keeps track of his average score and GPA. It also has an attendance keeping function and a ton of other stuff that is cool but I really haven't had to use. They have a free version and a pay version.

    In order to choice into certain schools in my state, they often look at the standardize test scoring, I have not found any source that will give him this via homeschool but I didn't run into any problems during the interviews they just took copies of his last year scores. They also just place him in the grade that he should be in according to his age. Then, they will do placement tests to see which subject level he should be in, like algebra or geometry or basic math. What level he is reading at and if he requires extra support.

    T4L has also given us the flexibility to move forward a grade level or back. We covered his 6th grade level stuff and then went back to cover a few things I felt he should know and forward to challenge him a bit. I love the flexibility of this program. If I were in a different situation personally, I would keep him at home and pull my other child out of public school also.

    To stay on track I use the detail scheduling on T4L and we just stick with it. He sits and does his lessons for each day and we don't quit until they are completed. Some days he gets done early and some day he has to sit longer to finish up. That has just been a matter of discipline on our part and me keeping track of the schedule to make sure it is reasonable. If I feel like a lesson didn't include enough information or we didn't understand something, I just looked around the web for information on that subject. For math we have used Khan Academy. Spelling I have used BigIQkids, just for the lists and created my own activities.

    Hope this helps. I was scared to death when I first pulled him out of public school but after a few weeks I calmed down because I saw what T4L was doing and could build on the curriculum from there.

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