First time Home Schooling DAD in New Bern, NC
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Thread: First time Home Schooling DAD in New Bern, NC

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    Default First time Home Schooling DAD in New Bern, NC

    Hello, My name is John Johnson I live in New Bern, NC and I am a stay at home dad of a 12 yr old daughter (6th grade) and 15 yr old son (9th grade). Both my kids were previously home schooled by my wife for 2 years and then they went to a private school last year and now back to home school, where I found that they can get the best education possible. This is my 1st year doing this so I am unsure of where to go or what to do. A bit about myself, I served in the Marines from 1993-2001 and I have a degree in Information Systems/Networking. I worked at a Community College for 7 years as a IT Tech. My wife is a Nurse. We have been married 17yrs now. My wonderful wife and her career choice has afforded me a great opportunity to not only home school my children, but to bond with them as well. I am not sure how many Dads home school. Would be great if the numbers shocked me, but in the end Mom or Dad it doesn't matter because of the common goals we share of a great education for our children. With that said I am really lost on several fronts here. I am very happy that I found this website and I hope this is a good start for me. First off are there others who home school near me? What activities are your children involved in outside of school? The number 1 issue I have is with helping my kids to socialize with other kids their ages and not just each other. We don't live in a community with other kids. Mostly older folks that live around us. I really do not want to deprive them of hanging out with other kids. I want them to socialize with other kids that they can relate to in some manner. I have no clue where to go to accomplish this, where to start.. Again all of this is new to me and I am learning. If anyone can offer me some friendly advice, assistance or Tips would be greatly appreciated.

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    Hi. It's a wonderful thing that you are going to be homeschooling your kids. I'm excited for your kids that they will have their dad full time!
    The first thing I suggest to all new homeschool parents is to get connected with other homeschoolers locally. Through a google search of your city I found this New Bern homeschool co-op. That link will take you to contact information for the group. Here is another homeschool support group near you.

    If you look over to the boxes on the right side of this page, you can find a download for free homeschool guide.

    Some of the activities that our kids are involved in or have participated in are 4-H clubs, Boy Scouts, ballet, art classes, soccer (with the city and with our homeschool group), youth group worship band, volunteer at the library, volunteer at a State home for children with me, volunteered for a horse ranch for children with special needs, and co-op classes with other homeschoolers. Some years we have gotten together with a family or two to study a course like history or science together.

    I hope all that helps. Oh, one last thing,you could go to the North Carolina forum here and introduce yourself. You may be able to connect with other homeschoolers in NC.

    Enjoy your homeschooling journey with your kids!!
    enjoying homeschooling and learning with my kids, using T4L and T4W
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    Hello, John, another John here. I am yet another homeschooling father. To be honest, it is still a bit different to tell others what I do for a "living," as society is still changing. However, the older I get, the less I care about what others think. I am all for having a parent at home, whether it be a father, mother, or grandparent. Our kids need someone at home.

    I am a retired (for now) teacher. I spent about four years as a substitute, then six years as a 5th grade teacher. My jobs before teaching are quite varied. Like you, my wife is a nurse. Though we will never get rich, her salary provides all we need if you just know how to budget. My wife is actually the biggest advocate for homeschooling and she does not want teachers/government raising our kids.

    I have a seven year old and one year old son. After almost two years of homeschooling the seven year old, I just started Time4learning. I tried a more hands off approach without a curriculum (many call it unschooling), but I have come to find that structure works a lot better for my kids. So, it is nice to have this curriculum laid out, though we are still trying to place our oldest at just the right level.

    As for socialization, just google homeschool groups in your area. If you are rural you may have to drive, but this is not an everyday thing. Also remember, though kids like friends their age, it is actually not reality for people to always be around same age peers as our school system is designed. Any form of socialization with any age group is a plus.

    I could write more, but we can always chat as we go if you are interested. I have only personally met one other homeschool father in my area in two years.

    Take care.


    p.s. ~ Thank you for your service. I was raised by my grandfather, a WWII Marine who served in the Pacific.
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