First year of homeschooling, with T4L since January
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    Default First year of homeschooling, with T4L since January

    I am homeschooling 2 of my 3 kids. My oldest just turned 18 and is a senior in high school. My little people are 11 and 10. We started the school year off using our Florida school district's homeschool program. This would have been a fantastic program for us if they did not need more time off than most kids. I have two chronically ill kids. My son isn't very sick, but my daughter needs infusion medicines at a hospital (2 hours away from home) twice a month. We also stay overnight monthly, which made our county program almost impossible to keep up with. We were expected to keep up with the district's time schedule, so were always behind, even working ten-hour days! It was horrible! We changed to T4L after Christmas break. It has really been so perfect for us! When my girl can't work I do not have to stress! My kids love the lessons, and they both usually finish pretty quickly. Plus, it can go wherever my laptop can... unlike the 40 books or so that our district provided.

    I do wonder, though... My son can finish in under two hours. Does anyone else find that their child finishes this quickly?

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    Hi there, and welcome! So glad to hear that T4L is working for your family! I can't imagine trying to follow a public school calendar...kinda takes away from one of the biggest benefits of homeschooling, the flexibility. My boys are in 3rd and 8th grades now, and my oldest has been using T4L since 2nd grade. Never, in more than 6 years, has it taken him more than 2 hours, lol. It's hard to wrap our heads around the fact that if they were in school, they would be away from home for 6-8 hours a day, yet it only takes half that time for them to finish their "school day" at home.

    Thanks so much for introducing yourself and your family. Please join our Florida homeschool forum that we have, and say hello there too. Looking forward to chatting with you more...
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