The four science categories for 7th grade
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Thread: The four science categories for 7th grade

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    Default The four science categories for 7th grade

    I am unsure of having my child do all of the science lessons at one time. There are four different categories i.e. Physical Science, Earth/Space Science, Life Science and another one (I can't think of the name and didn't write it down). Anyway, I am curious if other parents have their child/children do all of these lessons at once or break them up. It seems like a lot of material although I haven't actually went through each lesson (yet).


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    I just wanted to offer a suggestion about the science courses. My daughter would do science to the exclusion of everything else so I have to kind of tell her what I want her to do as far as science is concerned. The middle school science has four courses: a half credit course which is just an introduction to general science which I would have my child work through first, then the other three (Physical, Earth/Space, and Life). It is not necessary to do them in that order but here are a couple of ways you can decide which to do first.
    Check out your state's scope and sequence and see what students are learning in what middle school grades in your state. This will give you an idea of what they would be expected to know on certain standardized tests. I'm not sure when or if standardized tests occur in WV, but that would be one place to start. And I might leave Life science until last. The reason for this is that the next science 9th grade, is often Biology, so that would let your child transition from Life Science directly into Biology. Of course you can decide how you want it done, but that is how I would decide what order to do the middle school sciences in. Hope that helps!
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