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    Hello everyone, I am brand new to Time4Learning and brand new to homeschooling. I have a 10 year old son doing 5th grade. We are in the Western KY region, Paducah, is there anyone else out there who is using Time4Learning in our area? Also, technical problem, or maybe mom problem....I was trying to take a look at my son's quizzes that he has taken and from what I understand you just have to click on their test grade and it should bring it up for you to look at. Well I see the % grade but nothing to click on. Help, what am I doing wrong????

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    Hi there! Our Kentucky homeschool forum would be the best place to try and find other members near you. I'm sure they would love it, if you introduced yourself and your family there!

    As far as getting the grades, I don't know that I can help. When I pull up my son's report in his portfolio, I click on the percent score of the activity quiz and/or test, and it does pull up their questions and their answers. It's small, lol, so you have to click exactly on the percent score, but it is pulling up for me. If you do that, and you still can't see their Q&As, I would contact T4L support. Hope that helps though!
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