Good morning from Maine
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    Default Good morning from Maine

    Hello! I have just recently taken my eleven year old daughter out of 6th grade, at her request, and started her homeschool curriculum. She is regaining her cursory for learning again after some needed middle school detoxing. I work part time right now as a nurse with my true passion for teaching (&learning!). We typically spend about 4 hours a day on school and have used an eclectic mix until finding the T4L site. This is week 1 for us and I have redone the schedule a couple times to figure out the best schedule and class level. I am happy to meet everyone and look forward to meeting other (single parented) homeschooler families. I love watermelon!

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    Hello. Welcome to Time4Learning. It sounds like you've got a good handle on homeschooling!
    I think it's wonderful that your daughter requested to be homeschooled. How did she know it could be an option? Does she have friends that are homeschooled? The reason I ask is because when we started homeschooling, it was because I met a family who homeschooled. Before that, I had no idea it was even legal or an option; otherwise, I'd have done it earlier, with my oldest son. Anyway, how exciting to have your daughter request it. It makes it so much easier than having a child who is a reluctant learner. It sounds like she's eager to learn!

    We have a variety of forums you can visit, including your State forum and a Working Parents forum.

    Enjoy your homeschooling adventure. And feel free to ask questions any time. Everyone here is very friendly and helpful.
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