greetings from Western North Carolina
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    Default greetings from Western North Carolina

    We are pretty new to homeschooling. This is our first year. I have just found T4L. I can already see the benefits. I would love any tips on how to stay on top of schoolwork and some ideas for "off campus" learning. we live pretty rural and resources are few and far between. Thanks for the tips, Blessings.

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    Hi Mrs. E. Welcome to time4learning and to the wonderful world of homeschooling. It would seem to me that a rural environment would be so full of wonderful homeschooling opportunities. I would love to be able to give my son the ability to watch an egg become a chick and grow into a hen. Or to raise other animals. We are just getting ready to plant our first garden after too many years in a tiny apartment. If you have room for each child to create their own small garden bed, that would be another great experience. Your local librarian will soon become your best friend if they are not already.

    I would suggest that you stop over at the North Carolina Parent Forums. You might find some neighbors on there. There is also a list of resources on there. We also do some online learning with Learning Games For Kids and Spelling City. My son loves SuperCharged Science when they have free classes. THis is a big boost for me since I hate science. You might want to read the tips for new homeschoolers.

    We also meet with other homeschoolers on a regular basis for bowling, crafts, park days, and things like that. Good luck on your journey.
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    Just wanted to stop by and say HELLO from the NC state moderator Please stop on by the NC forum to say hello in there, we have a pretty active group of NC homeschoolers who drop in regularly! Welcome to T4L and homeschooling!!
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