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    Default Hello from Alabama

    We are starting our first full week of homeschooling this week, I registered him last week and we did some lessons just to get a feel for the program. This all started for us with the common core and him being bullied in school and being kicked where he had to have surgery and the doctor telling us that when his casts came off if he was tripped or hit the wrong way he could be parailized(sp) for ever if his tendon was completely torn into, so we made the decisson to home school him becasue we thought it was the best for him and he loves the program and is doing great, they kept telling me that with all the testing they were doing in the school he was going backwards and that concerned us as last year they said he was on a 4th grade math lvl and a 3rd grade reading lvl then they said this year he was barely doing math on a 2nd grade lvl and reading on a 1st grade lvl, we as parents did not understand how they at 2 different schools said they wanted to test him for gifted and skip him to the 3rd grade and now with the common core they say he can't do 2nd grade work. I love this program and he is doing great on it so this will probably be they way we continue to get him his education. My name is Amanda and my sons name is Bryan

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    Welcome Amanda and Bryan!

    Sorry to hear about your issues that led you to homeschool. But you might find it to be the best choice for Bryan.

    Have you stopped by the Alabama forums to see what is going on in your state? You might want to check out the How to Home School guide to help you get a jump start on homeschooling too.

    What I love most about t4ling is that you can move at your own rate and do the grade that works for you. (or your child that is)

    Welcome again!
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