Hello to all - HS newbie :)
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    Talking Hello to all - HS newbie :)

    Hi everyone
    My name is Carlos Juliao
    Im Homeschooling my son as of today using T4L as our core curriculum
    with the addition of StudyDog & some IXL

    My son was turned on immediately by the experience and it carried through right to the end.
    He went to bed giving me a hug saying he was excited for his 2nd day of homeschooling to begin
    and tucked him in without a fuss
    (which is quite unusual, lol)

    anyhow...many thanks for such a fun program,
    I did it with him to guide him through his first day, & looking forward to tommorow myself as well
    it was a lot of fun

    as a background,
    I have been researching several different programs over the past few months
    along with homeschooling guides, do's & do nots, etc...
    before begining our adventure today
    but if there are any tips/comments/feedback/recomendations anyone may have to give us
    we would greatly appreciate them
    as we are fairly new to all of this

    many thanks in advance to anyone who takes the time to send us info
    and if your a newbie like me "thinking" about making the switch
    the first day was very positive,
    and hope it keeps pace throughout the curriculum

    many thanks to t4l and all other great resources like these

    Carlos Juliao

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    Welcome to T4L and homeschooling!!! It is such a fun and exciting thing to do for and with your kids. One of the best pieces of advice that I can give is to take it slow and add a little to your schedule. I tried to add too much at first and ended up making us all a bit on the crazy side Then I slowed down A LOT! and then we were all happy

    You should most def stop by the FL state forum and say hi I am sure that they will have some great state related info for ya
    My personal blog- Pandahoneybee's Homeschooling Adventure

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    Hi Carlos, and welcome! I moderate the Florida homeschool forum that Pandahoneybee directed you to above. I do hope you'll join us there. There are some great members in FL and we try to make sure that we have current info regarding laws, groups, activities, etc.

    Looking forward to chatting with you there!
    Coffee drinker, gadget addict, proud geek.
    Accidentally homeschooling since 2005!

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