Hello all, Mom from Missouri
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    Smile Hello all, Mom from Missouri

    I am considering homeschooling my daughter. Any resources would be appreciated. Are there people who will come to your home? Thank you

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    Default Re: Hello all, Mom from Missouri

    Hi! Welcome to the Time4Learning parent forum!

    Time4Learning is an online curriculum parents can use to teach their children. It's popular among those new to homeschooling, because you don't have to teach everything "from scratch" and the program scores all of the online work, including quizzes and tests (and keeps records of that for you).

    Each state has its own homeschool laws, and they are all very different. No state dictates what curriculum you must use or may not use to teach your child. A few, like Missouri, specify certain subjects you must teach, but they do not specify the content of the subject. So you are free to decide, for example, what "music" means in your home school (piano lessons? listening to CDs for "music appreciation?).

    Most states assume (or state outright in their homeschool laws) that the parent is the teacher of record. That doesn't mean they can't hire (or get volunteers) for outside help, but the parent remains the person who is responsible for signing any forms and knowing and following their state's homeschool laws. Many hired tutors assume homeschool laws are the same as public school laws, and they are VERY different. So, if you decide to hire a tutor, it is your responsibility to know your state's homeschool laws and see that the tutor is following it.

    Missouri requires 1000 hours of instruction every school term. Time4Learning keeps records of time spent on online lessons. Homeschool parents also legitimately count things like Scouts, 4H, piano lessons, Little League, arts and crafts, and casual parental instruction in things like cooking or auto mechanics. Missouri does say you need to keep a record, so it's usually suggested that you keep a calendar and jot things on each day, like "cooked family dinner, Home Ec, 45 minutes" or "driveway basketball with brother, P.E., one hour" or "piano practice, Music, 30 minutes". You don't have to submit this record to anyone, but you need to keep it for any child under age 16.

    Missouri further specifies that six hundred of the 1,000 hours of instruction must be among one or more of the following core subjects: reading, math, social studies, language arts, and science. That's where your Time4Learning reports will come in handy.

    Missouri also says you need to keep samples of your child's work. Here is information about maintaining a homeschool portfolio. In Missouri, you don't have to have your portfolio evaluated or submit these samples to the school district. In all cases, Missouri just wants you to have records on hand in case anyone should ever report you for educational neglect (about as likely as being reported for any other kind of child neglect).

    Missouri's homeschool laws also say you need to maintain records of tests. You can just run a Time4Learning report that includes only tests. Missouri doesn't require standardized or "state" testing of homeschoolers.

    That's all Missouri homeschools need to do, but homeschool laws change frequently, so this is not intended to be legal advice. It is just to get you started knowing and understanding your state's homeschool laws, using a variety of sources.

    Time4Learning allows anyone to sign up at any time. You can use the program in its suggested sequence or pick and choose the lessons you want.

    I hope this gives you a jumping-off point! Let us know if we can help with anything, and do keep us posted about how things are going.

    Mom of six . . . current students and homeschool graduates. Enjoying using Time4Learning since 2006!

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    Default Re: Hello all, Mom from Missouri

    Hi and welcome! I've been homeschooling in Ohio since 1999 and never had a home visit. I'm not sure how common that is, but Time4Learning definitely doesn't send anyone to your home. Hope that helps!

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    Default Re: Hello all, Mom from Missouri

    Hi and welcome!

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