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    Hello all I am new to time4learning and new to homeschooling. I am a mom of 3 girls 17,10 and 3. My oldest 2 are special needs 1 is in a special ed program and doing great so I am homeschooling my younger 2. I have to fight the school system since first grade with my 10 year old to test her when we realized there was a problem and since then to provide her the help she needs to learn. Since the beginning of this year her grades started dropping, she started being bullied and the school refused to do anything except she needed to try harder. So I told them if they wouldn't do anything about I would and went home enrolled with umbrella school and withdrew her the next morning. For the last few months we have been using the states core requirements and I have been planning lessons around those when someone told me about time4learning and I am hoping it will give her a more structured learning routine that she does best in.

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    Hi Bama mom! I'm from Alabama, too! I have a 13 year old daughter. We have used Time4Learning since the middle of 1st grade and are beginning some high school courses now. The best things I have found about Time4Learning is that it keeps great records for me, and my daughter loves the interaction. We both like the flexibility. As my daughter's needs have changed over the years, the program is flexible enough to still work for us. If your daughter needs a lot of structure T4L can handle that, if she needs to have more control and be a bit more freeform (like my daughter!) it works for that also.
    Please feel free to look around the forums, lots of good information on here. Of course, if you have questions we will all do our best to help you out! Welcome to the T4L family!
    Homeschooling one for 8 years and counting!

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