Hello from California and a question about online games
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Thread: Hello from California and a question about online games

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    Default Hello from California and a question about online games


    Nice meeting you all. I have a 6 year old and an 8 year old - both girls. We are homeschooling them both and are happy to share our experiences. My hubby works from home and helps with homeschooling a lot which I think is very helpful.

    I wanted to ask other parents here what your thoughts are on letting your children play games on the computer or tablet. My girls found a site called Loola | Games for girls which has games for kids where you dress up or do make-up/makeovers for animated characters. It seems harmless and even productive but I wanted to get some opinions from other parents.


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    You will find some parents who are deathly against any online games and others who think they can add to the child's learning. I think, although a site like this may seem harmless enough, it can begin to take over our children's lives. I'm not sure how beneficial learning about makeup is for a six year old. You have to really decided if she is getting anything out of a game like this. Is it relaxing for them? Does it take time away from other learning activities? Do you limit the amount of screen time that they get. I would ask all of these questions and then make a decision you can live with.

    There are some great online learning games such as Learning Games For Kids. I would rather my child spend time on something like that than on a site to learn to be glamorous. But that's just my personal opinion.
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    Hi, Jenny.

    Our laptops are used at the dining room table only. It's so easy for kids to wander out of a game and onto another site. I think it's a good idea to set boundaries at an early age. Our teenagers don't have TVs or computers in their rooms. I'd also be cautious of any games that have chat capabilities. Another option is apps if you have a tablet or iPad.

    Kathi brings up a good point about the benefit of the games and the time spent on them. My daughter likes to play make-up games, also. But we limit the time she can play those types of games. It's a good thing she likes the educational games like the ones on the site Kathi mentioned and SpellingCity.com One of her favorite games are the typing games.
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