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    Hi everyone! My daughter and I are new to homeschooling and T4L. My daughter is intellectually disabled but much smarter than she lets on. I was not impressed with the school district so we are trying homeschooling. The hardest part right now is scheduling time. I work outside the home and even though my daughter is 13, she's not very independent in school work. We've only been doing this for a month so its a lot of trial and errors! Glad to be a part of T4L!!!!

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    Hi there! Welcome and glad you found us! One thing to remember about homeschooling...it can be as flexible as you need it to be. I know it can be hard to schedule time in a traditional "school day" kinda way, but you can honestly do school whenever it works for you. I have met homeschooling families where the working parent works a 3rd shift and the kids do homeschool at night when the parent is working. This way, they sleep at the same time and have time with them when they get off work.

    You can also break up your school day. Don't feel like you need to do 4 hours (for example) of school in one 4 hour block. Knock out some before you go to work, knock out some when you get home and then she can work a little independently (in small amounts if need be) during your work day.

    A lot of trial and error is ok, lol. Don't worry, you'll find your groove!

    Since you are new to homeschooling, you might find this Welcome to Homeschooling guide helpful. It's got a lot of info, but it's not so long and overwhelming that you can't make it through. There's also this Hints and Help page to help you learn about the T4L program, navigating the site, using the lesson plans, etc.

    I would like to invite you to join the Arkansas homeschool forum we have here. You can hopefully meet other members that are local to you, and at the very least, keep up with the homeschool laws and activities in your state.

    Good luck! Please check back in with us and let us know how you and your daughter are doing!
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    Hi, Manda81. My daughter has been using T4L for a little over 4 years. She has Down syndrome. So she has learning challenges. She needs a lot of repetition. We love how she can repeat lessons as often as necessary.
    I originally found T4L when I had to go back to work part time outside our home. My husband would set my daughter up on T4L while I was at work. When I'd get home, I would review the progress report for the day. If I found that there was a lesson she scored low on, then I would note the Learning Activity Number, which can be used in the Activity Finder on the Launch Pad to go directly to the lesson so we can repeat it together. If you follow those links, you can watch a video that will guide you on navigating the site and using these tools I mentioned.
    I think after you work with her a few times, she will be able to go from one lesson to another. She may be able to change from subject to subject once she gets comfortable with the site. My daughter is 15, but working at a 3rd grade level. She is able to navigate from subject to subject on her own.

    If you have any questions. please feel free to ask. Everyone here is very friendly.

    Enjoying homeschooling and learning with our 3 kids, using T4L & T4W

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