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    Default Hello from Dallas Fort Worth

    I am mom of 2, a daughter who is 16 and learns through an online school and a son who is 10 using T4L. My husband and I have been married for 22 years. He works full time while I have decided to dedicate my life to homeschooling our kids and being home all day managing the house. We like using the multiple intellegences approach to learning, knowing that each child is different and work hard to give each of our children what they need to thrive and succed at their school work. I live in the Northeastern quadrant of DFW, with Southfork Ranch about 3 miles away from our home. Remember the tv show Dallas? Ever remember who shot JR? Southfork was home to the 80's show Dallas. Our lives are centered around faith and family. We have spent many years with our oldest with her being miserable in private and public schools and once she was homeschooled, got the happy, well adjusted child. Who she is today is due to the fact that we love her and looked at what she needed! This is our first year to homeschool our son and it is due to that he asked. He was happy in private and a charter school, loved the routine and structure but last year experiencing our first ISD, the child who once made A's and B's was making mediocre grades and the excuse by the isd was he just was not use to the approach but would thrive. It never happened. Their approach left holes in his learning and he told me he wanted to learn and master subjects. So here I am with him, helping and guiding him. It is our belief that happiness should prevail in all aspects of young families lives and that includes learning and school experience. When a parent looks back on their life, especially when their children were young, it should be reflected that they were some of the happiest days of their lives. That is what we intend to create with our own family. We look forward to reading the post, absorbing and learning from other homeschooled families as well on the forums.

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    Welcome to Time4Learning. I also have a ten year old boy. We have used T4L since preK so we don't have any experience with other programs. His only school experience was two months of preK. Two months was enough for us to know it was never going to work out.

    I would suggest that you stop over at the Texas Parent Forum. It's the best place to keep up with what's going on in your area.

    Again, welcome.
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