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    Default hello from Edmonton Ky!

    Hi! My name is Robin and we have started this July with homeschooling our 10 year old son. So far I have wobbled between being very glad we made this decision to "what in the world have we done?" I am concerned with the fact that he doesn't seem to be spending the required time doing this and since I teach Head Start I am relying on my husband to do this during the day while I am at work. I do realize that one of the cool things about homeschooling is the flexibility, but being new I am looking for guidance on this (so I don't continue to come home and lay into them for only spending 4 hours, not the recommended 6) But, since they do extra stuff to supplement throughout the day, they do in fact get the time-or more- in, it just doesn't show up on the printout of logged in times. Am I being overly concerned? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks and have a great week!!

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    Hi Robin, and welcome! It's easy to be worried about spending the required number of hours per day on "school time," but honestly...I feel like homeschoolers get far more educational time than public schoolers. Education can be what you make it. In our home, we calculate everything that can be deemed educational or as school time. Time in the kitchen, time reading, time playing soccer, time they spend at a local park identifying plants and bugs...if they have an opportunity to learn something, it's counted, lol.

    I think my boys spend at most two hours a day on T4L, and that's on a heavy day.

    Definitely spend more time hanging out in the forums here. I think you'll find a number of parents like yourself, who want to make sure you are doing "enough." You will probably find a good number of ways that people are doing all of their required hours.

    Please stop by our Kentucky homeschool forum, and introduce yourself there. Also, check out this Welcome to Homeschooling ebook. It's a good resource for new homeschoolers.

    Good luck, and please check back in and keep us posted as to how things are going for you guys!
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