My name is Beth and we have just made the final decision to homeschool our daughter Maddie, who is 14 and in the 9th grade. Going to give her a little time to decompress from the stresses of public school then slowly ease in. We will be using Time4Learning and add in some area of study she is most interested in. It is such a relief to have finally made this decision, it has been a very stressful school year for her and for us, she has been so unhappy. My husband is still not thrilled with the idea but I am confident we r making the right decision for her and for our family overall.

We live in Mid-Michigan and also have 2 other children, seven year old twins, Matthew and Amy, who are in public school. They r doing well at this point so I will probably leave them for now, if they start having trouble later at least I will know I can homeschool them if I think it will suit them better.

Glad to be here!