Hello I'm new to this site!
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    Talking Hello I'm new to this site!

    Hello Everyone, just started my daughter Lauren In High school
    curriculum Friday. Anyone in Knoxville TN? My daughter has ADD
    so we found the High school did not meet her needs and was hurting her self esteem. Anyone else have the same problem ?

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    Hi! Glad you found us! While I can't say I have personal experience with high school being hard for my kiddo and his self esteem, I have heard a gazillion stories about the same thing...so you aren't alone. In fact, I would say "problems with the school system" is why many of us here started homeschooling.

    How is your daughter liking the high school courses? My son is in 9th grade, and he is LOVING high school so far. Make sure you pop into the high school forum, so you can see how others are using the T4L high school program (and see what they use for supplemental/extra stuff). Also, we have Tennessee homeschool forum you might enjoy hanging in.

    I hope that your start to this new adventure is going well. Always feel free to ask any questions you may have. Looking forward to chatting with you more...
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