Hello from Louisville, KY
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    Default Hello from Louisville, KY

    After much frustration with the public school system, I have decided to homeschool my higher functioning autism son. He absolutely HATES going to public school. He just started 7th grade. He has been bullied so much, physically and mentally. I am so excited I found this program! I am telling a lot of other parents about this program.

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    Hello and welcome! I'm so sorry to hear that your son experienced being bullied, but it's wonderful to hear that you are willing to give homeschooling a shot! Here is a Welcome to Homeschool ebook that could prove very helpful. There is a lot of good info in there, but it's not hard to read through or overwhelming or anything. I would also like to invite to join the Kentucky homeschool forum here. It can be a great way to keep up with homeschool happenings around you, and to try and find other families who might be local to you.

    One more forum you may want to pop into is our special needs forum. There you can connect with other parents who are using Time4Learning with there learning-abled and gifted kiddos.

    Please feel free to poke around the threads and get comfortable. Always ask any questions you may have!
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