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    Hello. Just thought I'd take a minute to introduce myself...lol. I have been researching HS my son since he was in 1st gr. He is now in 3rd so I guess I should stop the research part and take the leap....lol. I know this can't be as hard as my mind makes it out to be or so many parents wouldn't be doing it! DS has had previous diagnoses in the past (ADHD, ODD, SID) and has had an IEP since 1st grade, thanks to Maine. WE moved to NC from ME 8-9 months ago and have had school issues since (more me not liking things than anything to really do with him personally). I would love to meet some other HS moms in the Iredell county area. My anxiety about all this isn't helping much to say the least! hehehe


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    First take a deep breath! You can do this!
    Second have you checked out the North Carolina Forum page? That is where you might be able to meet other homeschoolers in your area.

    Good luck finding others in your area.
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