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    Hi everybody!
    I just got my 14yr old son signed up and started today. He is my youngest and both he and his older sister are now in "non-traditional" schools. My daughter decided to stop going to her highschool near the end of her junior year last year. She went from a straight A student with an active social life to a very nervous and withdrawn child. It's my fault. Before anyone says "oh no it's not" let me explain. I had an accident at work a year ago and have since been put in a wheelchair (hence momonwheels) and suffer from RSD/CRPS and it is spreading rapidly. She was so distressed that I would be home alone that she couldn't cope. Pulling her out of school was the best decision we ever made. She was an A student but, she wasn't challenged. The program she is in now challenges her and I find it to be a far superior curriculum to the one the State offered.
    My son is on the Autism spectrum. After fighting through countless meetings and testing sessions, they finally got his IEP finished last year (his second time in 7th grade). I thought we were ok. No. He never indicated anything was wrong because I asked daily how things went in school. He thought that if the teachers were leaving him alone that meant he was doing things right...they totally disregarded his IEP. NOTHING was done for him. I had no idea, with my condition and being in and out of hospital, I mistakenly trusted that his "team leader" whom I was in contact with biweekly, was being honest with me. We found out that nothing had been done when a teacher called me about a behavioral incident and I asked if they had followed the policy in his IEP. The response from the teacher nearly killed me "What IEP? I have not been told that he had one.". Needless to say, I'm still dealing with the school board about that. NONE of his teachers except the two who were in the meetings knew anything about it.
    So, homeschool. Something I never thought I would do. I have six children and always said I admired parents who could home school. I honestly felt totally unqualified and...I know why ferrets eat their young. (Deal with four teenage girls and one bathroom and you will understand).
    I'm on this journey with the last two of my brood. Today was our first day and honestly, my son flew through the material. He thinks it's a little "cartoony" but, he is 14 and the epitome of cool (or so all 14 yr old boys believe of themselves). He actually learned though. He said "Mom,why couldn't Mrs. *** have said that in LA? I would have understood that. She made it complicated." I must admit that made me tear up. He gets it. He is learning. He is going to do just fine!
    So, I'm Sharon. I'm here in NC and I'm looking at my degree on the wall wondering why it doesn't make me feel like I am good enough to "teach" him. I'm a mom, that's why. I want him (and all my kids) to do more, do better, go farther, than I ever did. I have to learn to trust those same instincts that have taught him to survive four sisters and brother. The instincts that taught him to behave in a socially acceptable way despite his difficulties and despite what some have said he would never overcome. I have to learn to continue to trust myself to let him teach me what he needs in order to succeed. We will learn together. I'm just so thankful there is a forum where I can come and scream "HELP" and have other parents who are old hats at this guide me and talk me off the ledge.
    Thanks for letting me be a part of all of this. I may not be able to travel, but I'm so ready for this journey...I think...

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    We are so happy that in this hour of need you turned toTime4Learning for help. You certainly meet the definition of what T4L calls an “accidental homeschooler”…someone who never thought they would homeschool until homeschooling became the best option for their children.
    I really hope that homeschooling works for your children. It really sounds like a greatchoice and a good fit.
    I think you are going to do fine as a homeschoolingmom. You are homeschooling not because it is the easy thing, but because it is the right thing for your family right now. That is exactly the reason why you should homeschool!
    Make sure to drop by the North Carolina State Forum. You might even consider dropping by the Special Education forum. Maybe someone there will have just the pearl of wisdom you need just when you need it most!
    Anyway, we are glad to have you here, have a great journey,and sent us a post card every now and then to let us know how your homeschool journey is progressing!
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    Homeschooling one for 8 years and counting!

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