Hello, new with questions..
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    Default Hello, new with questions..

    I will be beginning homeschooling next month and I do not know where to start. I will homeschool my 14 yo and 12 yo, my 14 yo -Jacob I am comfortable with him doing an online program, 12yo, Ryan is a different story. He has a processing disorder that severly effects him in math. I do not think he can sit in front of a computer and learn- some have suggested math-you-see for him, I also want a supplement with math facts for when he gets stuck on a problem and any information specifcally related to processing disorder. I need a good planner for lessons and to keep myself orgainized. Ryan needs a folder that is very orgainized and simple. Any suggestions?

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    Hi there, and welcome! Unfortunately, I can't give personal experience with Math-U-See, but I have seen many, many very positive reviews on that program. As far as planners, we don't plan much and we rely on T4L's record keeping. I know, I'm not being much help here at all, lol. I did a quick google search and found many different planners. Hopefully some other members will chime in and be more than help than me. You might find some good suggestions in our other forums, like these:

    Members Chat on Using Time4Learning
    Home School Questions
    General Resources
    and maybe even Special Needs

    A couple of other things I can recommend are checking out this Welcome to Homeschooling guide (so wish there was something like this when I was starting to homeschool, lol!), and joining the Virginia homeschool forum we have. It's nice to try and meet other members and homeschoolers near you.

    Again, hopefully some of our other members will offer some of their suggestions and experiences. Looking forward to chatting with you around the boards...
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