Hello! - Should I redo some of last year?
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    Question Hello! - Should I redo some of last year?

    Hi Everyone!

    My family just switched from public remote learning to Time4Learning and so far are thrilled! My son is in 3rd Grade and with COVID the teaching has been very rough with school. Last year they sent the kids home.. around March? And I felt like the work they had us do for about 3 months was all just review and repeat, not much "new."

    Should I have my son do some of the 2nd Grade stuff because of that? Or is there enough repeat that he'll catch on with the 3rd Grade lessons? He excels in Math and Reading, but struggles with writing specifically. He's started the 3rd Grade material and loving it as he has been bored with how slow the school has been moving.

    Ugh, I don't know. Would love to hear some opinions! I don't want to do a full repeat, but not sure how to go about "recovering" from this.


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    Default Re: Hello! - Should I redo some of last year?

    If he excels in math and reading, you might just go ahead and start him at the third grade level. If it seems too challenging to him after a week or so, you can always bump him back down to the second grade level. You can adjust grade levels as often as you need to.

    To help you decide, there is quite a big jump in "difficulty" from second grade to third grade. There is quite a bit more writing practice at the third grade level than at the second grade level, too.

    To further help you decide, you can preview any lessons from any level by logging in to your parent dashboard and clicking on Lesson Planning and Reports/Lesson Plans.

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