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    Smile Hello from Tennessee

    Hi! I have just signed up with Time4Learning and intend to use it as our afterschool program for the moment. I am really trying to get a feel for whether we are going to homeschool after the Christmas break. My son does not feel challenged in public school and our requests for help have led to him being seated next to the most disruptive child in class. I also don't feel he is getting enough instruction. I believe we can do this, but I work full-time. My husband stays home, but he doesn't feel he is well-equipped enough to support and teach our son, nor does he want to place the full burden on me. So we're going to supplement with Time4Learning and see how things go as we test this curriculum. We're also looking at Calvert School. I would love to hear from others on their thoughts to either or both curriculums, homeschooling while working, and anyone from TN (especially the mid-state area). Thanks so much and Happy December!

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    Hi and welcome to the Parent forums. I have not used Calvert at all. But my son and I have used time4learning for many years now. We both love it. I love the ease of working through the lessons and the great record keeping. My son loves the interactive learning. To him it's almost like playing video games but he is learning. You might want to check out the forum for Tennessee. Also the forum for Working Parents. Feel free to ask any questions that you might have. We're all in this together.
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    Hi! Welcome to Time4Learning!

    I found Time4Learning when I needed some accountability for my daughter and myself shortly after starting a part-time job. My husband was home with my kids, but I needed something that she could work on independently and that my husband could help her with if she needed help. Like your husband, he didn't feel like he could take on the full job of teaching. My older kids are more independent and can work easily on their own. I was so happy to have found T4L and we have continued with it. We only supplement science and history. I like the progress reports, which help me to easily see how she's scored on her quizzes and lessons. If she scores low, we just repeat the lessons together. I also like that we're not stuck at 4th grade across the board. This is helpful for us because she is stronger in Language Arts than she is in any of her other subjects. So she's at a lower grade level in math and science. The best part of using T4L is that there's never a fuss to do school work. She really enjoys it!
    I cannot comment on Calvert School because we've never used it.
    With my older kids I've tried several different curricula over the years before finding just the right one for each child. With my youngest, we found Time4Learning in early elementary and we're not switching. It works great for us! We actually tried supplementing with Classical Conversations last year, but it didn't work for us. We're back to using only T4L and supplementing with good books, educational movies, science projects/experiments and some lapbooking.

    I would highly suggest you join a local homeschool support group. Sometimes they have co-ops you can join. This helps for supplementing with some extra-curricular classes like music, language, art, etc. You also get a chance to meet and share ideas with other homeschoolers. This is good for you and for your son. I would just Google 'homeschool support group' and you city and state.

    Best of luck in your homeschooling! Don't let any bad days get you down...we all have them. I hope it works well for you. Please feel free to ask questions here. Everyone here is very friendly and helpful!
    enjoying homeschooling and learning with my kids, using T4L and T4W
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