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    Hello. I'm Rebecca and I am new to Time4Learning but not new to homeschooling. I am a mom to three. Both of my girls are graduated and in college. I home schooled them using the Abeka curriculum through seventh grade. They entered public school when their father and I divorced. My son Josh is now in 6th grade and has loved his school and his teachers until now.

    This year his school has a new principal and vice principal, and after observing their atrocious behavior toward the students while eating lunch with my son last week, I decided that I was not going to allow my child to be subjected to bullying by the adults who are supposed to be caring for him every day. I have been very frustrated for years as I watch my child being taught to the state test and seeing subjects like science, history, and handwriting being mostly ignored--especially when those subjects are not covered by the state tests for the year.

    I found T4L through a Google search for 6th grade subjects and am very impressed with the set up and the record keeping as well as the scope and sequence. My son is very bright, and it's great that he will be able to access content for the grade above his own. I look forward to this school year with my son and hope to be the best that we can be.

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    Hi Rebecca. Welcome to time4learning and to the parent forums. I hate to hear that your son is being bullied by those who should be keeping him safe. I wish it was the first time I heard this story, but sadly, it is not. It seems to happen over and over again. I think you did the right thing by keeping him out of school.

    You may find that he is ready to move ahead with his work. That's one of the great things about time4learning, the flexibility. You can even work at one grade level in one subject and another grade level in another subject.

    Please let us know if we can help with any questions you might have. You might want to check out the Texas Parent Forum and maybe the 6th grade Parent Forum.
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