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    Default Hello from Texas

    I am a new accidental homeschooler. My now 12 year old always attended public school, liked it and did well, until this school year. After a month of A's and B's in middle school she began walking out of class, became withdrawn, and long story short was diagnosed with severe depression and was hospitalized for 9 days. She got better, went back to school and in less then a week the same thing happened and the school unenrolled her telling me her attendance(or lack of) was hurting the school and I should re-enroll her when she got better. At this point I decided to find my state requirements to homeschool and finding online resources. That was a few months ago and she and I are both much happier and less stressed. We started Time4Learning a few days ago. She is excited because I am letting her pick her lessons and pace in doing them, and I am excited because she is excited. I welcome any and all advice as I am still learning.

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    Default Re: Hello from Texas

    Hi! Thanks for sharing your story. I'm glad Time4Learning is working well for your daughter.

    Here are a few links I like to provide to new homeschoolers. It sounds like you have already done your research.

    Please stick around and keep us updated on how things are going.

    Welcome to Homeschooling Guide

    Homeschool or School at Home?

    How Long is a Homeschool Day?

    Since your daughter is twelve, II'll also point you in the direction of the Let's Homeschool High School site, so you can start planning early.

    Welcome to the Time4Learning forum!

    Mom of six . . . current students and homeschool graduates. Enjoying using Time4Learning since 2006!

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