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    My daughter and I have had many problems with her public school, she was absent five times due to sickness, which was on top of the allotted time, and then we were awaiting a meeting for an extra few days to set up an alternative school setting because of her emotional disorder. That was last year. Still nothing was done to set that up. I was recently informed by an advocate that I needed to ask for that in writing to hurry the process, so I am on my way. But I got ahead of myself. Because of the extra unexcused absences, the DPP took me to court anyway, and I was considered an educational dependency, and I am forced to put my daughter back into the public school system, because the DPP told me today that I was court ordered to make sure my daughter was in school and have no unexcused absenses again. When my daughter started the four grade, I had a meeting with the principal and told him of my daughters disorder, and everything was peachy keen. Until the bullying started again, and my daughter's anxieties was brought to his attention, she defended her self and she was suspended from school many times, like four. Then when I told the principal that he is not attending to the bullying, he kicked us out of school, so I decided to homeschool her. So, I do not know if I will be brought back to court, because the extra days off to wait for a meeting, and then signed her out to homeschool her makes any bit of difference, but as of now I cannot homeschool her. Does anyone know anything about the court system, the DPP said that the judge will tell me that I am not allowed to homeschool her because I do not have a certification to teach. I thought the law said that we did not need that to homeschool her. I thought homeschool was considered a private school, but in the eyes of the judge it is not. Help...

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    Hi there! I'm so sorry you're having so many problems! Here are the KY homeschool laws that I have found and use:

    They are from an organization call HSLDA (Home School Legal Defense Assoc.). According to the laws, you are should be able to homeschool and it's not required that you have a teaching certificate. Having said that, I have no idea what rules follow a court ruling such as the one you described. And, of course, I can't give legal advice. If you wanted, you could contact HSLDA and see if they can help you or what they suggest.

    I saw where you asked the same question in the KY homeschool forum. That's good...maybe someone there can chime in if they've been in a similar situation.

    I'm sorry I wasn't more help. Good luck! I hope you'll let us know how things are going for you...
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