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    Smile Hi!

    My name is Kelly, and I am new to this group but not new to homeschooling. I am in Portsmouth, VA. I recently graduated my oldest this past year but start all over with 3 in Pre-K and K this year. My box curriculum wasnt cutting it and I found myself using a lot of sups based on learning styles. I asked Hip Home school Moms and Encouraging Home schoolers to put out feelers for me for programs that have audio visual learning and this is one recommendation I got. I immediately signed my 3 up for this and they love it. We use lap books and hooked on phonics as well as some free resources on PBS teachers. Can someone give me a link to how I can make a plan of attack with this online program, a scheduling guide on what to give them daily to help them stay the course? I read the homeschooler guide but that wasn't about scheduling. Any help would be great - thanks. Nice to meet you all.

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    Welcome Kelly,
    We are pleased to have you hear. I'm sure you 3 will love Time4Learning. My daughter started T4L in the middle of 1st grade year and we are still going strong--starting out 6th year this month.

    I'm not sure if this is what you are asking about, but have you looked at the Scope and Sequence page? Once you get to that page, you can click on your child's grade, and see the number of lessons, and lesson plans.

    Also, once you see the number of total lessons for the grade, you can divide that by the total number of days of school your homeschool year will include. This will give you the number of lessons per day. In reality your K or PreK kids might enjoy more than a lesson or two per say (I think that is the number prek would do according to this formula).

    My daughter was a little older when we first started, but I finally had to make her get off of Time4Learning because she enjoyed it so much that she would do hours of lessons. I tried to keep her a couple of hours per day. Each child is different so you will have to decide how much or how little they do.

    Did this answer your question...sort of?? Please feel free to ask again if it didn't!!
    Welcome and happy homeschooling!
    Homeschooling one for 8 years and counting!

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    Hi, Kelly. Welcome to Time4Learning! Linda gave you a good link.
    You may find this link helpful too. It takes you to Hints & Help, which also has a video for an activity scheduler. This should help you to generate a plan/schedule to help you guide your kids in their use of Time4Learning.
    I hope to see more of you around the forums.

    homeschooling 3 (2 high school and 1 elementary)

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