Hi All. Second time HSer here with a 3rd grader. I need help with thematic units
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    Default Hi All. Second time HSer here with a 3rd grader. I need help with thematic units

    Hello all. This is my second time around homeschooling. But I unschooled my last one, and then she decided to finish school in public school, so I'm unprepared for this one, who expects me to teach her. I was thinking I'd like to use thematic units, because my eldest loved them when she was in a charter school in NC. I'm having a hard time putting anything together though. I see a lot of disorganized stuff (stars! food! farms!) and some advice about picking a global idea (energy! How we organize ourselves! loyalty) and then, there's the way they did it at my daughter's charter school. (marine life covered all subjects-LA, math, science, field trips, then a quarter on Egypt- etc, etc)

    I'm overwhelmed and really sort of not married to this much structure anyway. My husband is a kindergarten teacher in a public school and we may butt heads about the style of education this year, but we are on the same page about keeping her out of the elementary school.

    Does anyone use themes who is willing to share sample schedules/lesson plans, etc? I'm really just totally lost.

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    Hi! Welcome!

    What grade is your daughter in? The language arts extensions in first and second grade are all arranged around science and social studies themes. In higher grades, there are integrated language lessons that are arranged around a certain piece of literature. They are some of my kids' favorite lessons!

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