hi, im new to homeschooling...
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    Default hi, im new to homeschooling...

    hi everyone. i just want to say that at this moment my brain feels like mush i have looked at sooo many sites and read so much lol but i have to say that i feel that i was lead to this site by God. i am SO PLEASED with this site!! i have RECently decided to homeschool my children i have felt the URGE for AWHILE NOW to get my children in a private school but my finances dont allow me to do that THATS WHY I LOVE YOUR SITE i feel its goin to help me teach my 2 boys and in lookin at this site i found the reference to ministry to children and i have already done 5 or so lessons. it makes it so Easy to teach my children bout God! my son tried out his lessons today and his excitement when CORRECT came on the screen was SO NICE! something i havent seen in awhile with him at local school!
    i do have a ? though i see the spelling word list but no lesson plans for spelling any suggestions on how to fit that into the generated lesson planner? i am familiar with spellingcity.com also reading list is mentioned too are those on this site as well ? and where do those fit in?

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    Hello mpendl,

    Welcome to the T4L family. We are thrilled you have joined us!

    Lesson activity numbers for the spelling lessons can be found by logging in
    as a parent and accessing the lesson plans. Spelling lessons are located within the language arts extensions:

    Fourth Grade - Chapter 2
    Fifth Grade - Chapter 6
    Sixth Grade - Chapter 9

    Every third lesson, the student is given a quiz over the words in the preceding three lessons. The results of these quizzes can be found in your student's reports. The results of the tests taken within each spelling lesson are for the student's information only.

    Many parents do use the free SpellingCity site to supplement their child's spelling study. On SpellingCity, the lists for Time4Learning lessons can be found here: Spelling Lists

    Students can use these lists to play games with their spelling words. If you choose to have your student take a weekly spelling test at Vocabulary Spelling City, the results are printable, either in report or certificate form. If you choose a premium membership, the program will keep track of your student's activity and test scores online.

    These tips will help you navigate the site a little easier. Also, you might want to check out this free e-book written by homeschooling families just for new homeschooling families. It is comprehensive without being overwhelming.

    Have you visited the Christian forum yet? It's a great way to meet new folks and make friends, share ideas, and chit-chat.

    The reading list is different for different levels.Most of the books are readily available at the library.

    Best wishes.

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    Hi, MPendl. Welcome to T4L and to the homeschooling community. Isn't it neat how God provides? When He calls us to something, He is faithful to equip us! We have been homeschooling for 12 years. Our youngest dd uses T4L and loves it.
    I see Jackie already answered your questions.
    I look forward to seeing you around here in the forums. Oh, in addition to the Christian forums, you may want to introduce yourself at your State Forum. And feel free to subscribe to any of these forums.


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