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    Default Hi from NC

    My name is Sydney and I have decided to homeschool my hearing impaired 7th grader. What a task! I need some help however. She didn't do so well on a quiz. I would like to reteach the subject and give her a second chance. How do I reset the quiz, or can I?

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    Hi Sydney! Your daughter can re-take any activity/quiz/test, as often as she needs. You may have to log out and log back in again, but often it resets when you click exit/complete and you can go right back in.

    The program by default doesn't erase any low scores, instead it averages all of the scores together. Many parents are fine with this, but many choose to keep their own grades/transcripts, and they only take the score after the re-take for their transcript. That's totally up to you.

    I hope that helped. Good luck!
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    Default Re: Hi from NC

    Howdy, howdy and welcome!

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