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    Hello, I am trying to figure out lessons plan for Monday, I joined this past week with my 3 little ones in Pre-K and K. THe question I have is do I do one chapter a day in each subject, or one chapter a week in each subject? My name is Kelly - I have been homeschooling for 9 yrs, just graduated my oldest, and now starting all over again but this time I decided to go more high tech with some online learning to accompany some other aides. I am happy to have a forum to ask questions, and help others. We are military, and in Portsmouth, VA. Nice to meet you all, and any help would be great. I have read the online manuals, and watched the videos, trying to determine how many things to give them each day. If I can find out what a chapter entails (day or week) that would help me measure out their new schedules. Thanks

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    Hi, and welcome!
    I think I answered your question (or tried to!) on a different thread. Anyway, I will try to answer here too. Check out the scope and sequence page.
    From there you can choose the grade for your children and look at some of the lesson plans.
    You can determine how many lessons to have per day by dividing the number of available lessons by the number of days your school year will be. This will give you the approximate number of lessons per day.

    Example: Kindergarten
    217 language art lessons plus 166 Math Lesson equals 383 total lessons available
    383 lessons divided by 180 day school year equals 2.127 lessons per day to complete the given curriculum for kindergarten in a traditional school year.

    My daughter liked doing more than that. Some days she would do 10 or more in a school day (1st grade, when we first started homechooling). Your situation might be different, depending on your children, their interest, how many computers you had, etc.

    I hope this answers your question.
    You might also like to visit the Military family forum for input from other military families on homeschooling and Time4Learning.
    Also consider checking out the Virginia state Forum for state specific information.
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