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    Hello, We are new to Homeschooling and as I read more and more we are know as accidental homeschoolers. My son was in a B&M school, 4th grade, and was having anxiety issue at school so we pulled him out to do a cyber academy school that said would be tailored to my son levels. Boy was that wrong, all the teacher told me was that he would need to catch up when he can. So we made another decision to do traditional homeschooling. I started researching for a curriculum bought a few books then I can across T4L and gosh was a life saving it has been so far. We have only been doing it a couple of days but it is so much easier to understand than the cyber academy. My son has even said he likes it a lot better. Plus it is giving my son something educational to do when I am still trying to get a schedule and planner together for him. I also love that I can pull a lesson from a different grade if I feel he needs to be challenged a little more.


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    Default Re: Hi New Here

    Welcome to the forum, Angela! Thanks for introducing yourself and your son.

    I know what you mean about a sense of relief. I found Time4Learning way back in 2006, shortly after my youngest child was born, and I felt the same way.

    We hope you'll stick around and post often! We'd like to get to "know" you.

    Mom of six . . . current students and homeschool graduates. Enjoying using Time4Learning since 2006!

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    Hi Angela -

    I'm new here and also an accidental homeschooler. I have two grown daughters who went through public school. My son is 14 and has always been in public school but he has been consistently performing poorly when I knew he was capable of so much more. I didn't want him to start high school this year because I really didn't think he was mature enough to handle the responsibility but he passed the required tests (after three tries) so he was promoted. He ended up failing three of his core classes even though he had all sorts of resources available.

    We were referred to a cyber school and even the entrance requirements for that were ridiculous. The longer it took for us to get all of the required information for them, the more opportunity I had to look at other options. I loved the article about the difference between homeschool and school at home. I realized that if the school system wasn't working for my child, it wouldn't be any different if it was being delivered at school or at home. I'm so glad we didn't proceed with the cyber school.

    My goal is to get my son ready for 10th grade by August. I would love for him to be able to go back to his school but only if he is going to be able to handle the academics. Once you drop them off at the school, you really have no way of knowing how to help. I couldn't get information from him. The parent portal just showed the grades - not current assignments. They didn't bring home any homework. My son's dad complained that the way the school communicates, it is like they just want parents to be there to punish kids instead of being there to help them succeed. We got all kinds of automatic communication about assignments that he failed or poor grades but always after the fact. With Time4Learning, we can actually see what he is supposed to be doing, whether he is doing it, what support he needs. I'm optimistic and hopeful that this is the answer for us!

    Best wishes to you and yours as we begin this accidental voyage!

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