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    I am new to homeschooling. My child is 10 but due to an illness has learning issues. Public school was not giving her what she needed so I pulled her out. I am finding it a little hard to maneuver on the web sit. I hope it gets easier.

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    Hi, and welcome to Time4Learning. I'm sorry you are finding the site difficult to maneuver. I promise that homeschooling gets easier and that you will learn to navigate Time4Learning. One thing many parents do when first beginning with T4L is to allow their child to investigate the program. I know that I learned a lot from my daughter after she figured things out! If you need some pointers you might check out the Helpful Resources tab at the top of the page. There are helpful articles, tips, and suggestions to help things go more smoothly. Of course, if you have questions please feel free to ask. There is a huge treasure of homeschooling experience floating around these forums and I'm sure we can help you work things out! Let us know how things are going and hope to see you around the forums!
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