Hi from TX! Just signed 11 yr up for Homeschooling
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    Red face Hi from TX! Just signed 11 yr up for Homeschooling

    Hi everyone! I am currently a stay at home mom with an 11 yr old, 2 1/2 yr old and 17 month old.

    We moved an hour away from Houston, TX last year when I got laid off. My oldest has high functioning Austism (PDD). Last year we enrolled him in a Catholic School bc the schools here are not great. He did poorly and got picked on. We paid too much money for him to fail and get picked on (small class, 10 students in the whole grade).

    I am hoping this environment will be a better setting for him and he can work at his own pace. He is very bright just has trouble focusing on work.

    My only concern is his socializing but hopefully I can find some local groups to join.

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    Welcome to time4learning.com. Glad you have joined us here on the forums. I am sorry to hear about your son's issues in school. I hope homeschooling is the answer that works for your family. Socialization will fall into place, it always does. Most people will ask me about it and I just tell them, my kids go to church (socialize) my kids go to co-op (socialize), my kids go to the grocery store with me (socialize) and they are not kept inside all day. They get socialized plenty and I have control over who they interact with.

    Have you checked out Texas State Forum? That would be a great place to start to find something local.

    Again welcome to the adventure of homeschooling and time4learning.com
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    Hi, JennAngel. I'm sorry for the sour experience your son had in school. I have a daughter with high functioning Down syndrome. She's been using T4L almost 5 years now. It has been an amazing program for her! I am so thankful that we found it. She really enjoys the interactive lessons. There are times I hear her laughing while she's doing her Language Arts. I love that she's enjoying learning.
    As for the socialization, the kind of socialization our daughter would've received in school is probably not what I would choose for her. She gets plenty of socialization when we, as a family, are with other families with children at church, homeschool events, the library with friends, field trips. She gets plenty of opportunities for positive interaction and socialization with kids of all ages.
    I think it really helped us to get connected with a couple of homeschool support groups. My kids have made a lot of friends and have many opportunities for some of the good things that kids in school have, like spelling bees, yearbooks, field trips, with none of the ugly stuff, like bullying.

    So welcome to homeschooling and T4L. I look forward to seeing you around here. Oh, you may find this link to tips and helps for members who are new to T4L helpful. Hints & Help - How to Use Time4Learning
    enjoying homeschooling and learning with my kids, using T4L and T4W
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