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    Default Hi from W Kentucky

    We are starting our homeschooling journey with our 12 yr old son, we had to pull him from public school and we hope this time at home with us and the care of a great team our journey will be a positive one for him. Our son has been diagnosed with ADHD, ODD, OCD tendencies, anxiety disorders, perfectionism and Asperger's Syndrome, tho most symptoms he is displaying have not been fully tested for and ruled out; we are on yr long waiting lists. We have doctors, clinicians and therapists all lined up over the course of the year to see him to get him the help he needs. We tried to work with the school but we decided him home with us is a good decision for our situation where he can have less stimulating environment to learn in.

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    Welcome Angelia, it's nice to have you here. Starting slowly is the best way to go. Your son needs some time to deschool.

    About 20% of our users are special needs kids. Most have great success.

    Keep in mind your son will have access to three levels within every subject here at T4L. That is great when they are ahead in one subject and maybe a little behind in another.

    Here are some tips to help you get started. Here is an e-book written by homeschooling families just for new homeschoolers. It is comprehensive without being overwhelming.

    I also suggest you visit the Kentucky state forum and introduce yourself there.

    Best wishes!

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    Hello, Angelia. Welcome! I, too, am homeschooling our daughter with special needs. She has Down syndrome. We have been using T4L for 5 years. I agree Jackie in that you should start slow. This will be a new experience for him, as well as for you. It's best not to try to replicate the 'classroom' setting. You know your son best and will get to know how he learns best. Here is some helpful information on Special Needs Education and Time 4 Learning.
    Also, you may want to visit the special needs forum to chat with other parents with children with special needs.
    Please feel free to ask any questions at any time. We are all here to help each other.

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