Homeschool mom of 3 boys from Oklahoma
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    Default Homeschool mom of 3 boys from Oklahoma

    Hey everyone! Just started homeschooling my boys who are 9, 7, and 5 and we are starting time4learning in August. We are really excited! I was wondering if anyone could answer some of my questions? As a christian family I am wanting to add christian beliefs into t4l, how do other parents do this? Also I am noticing there are alot of lessons to cover. How does other homeschool parents get this all done in a school period of August thru May? So how many lessons does my children need to complete to get it all done? Also I am wanting to meet other moms who are homeschooling their children in Oklahoma area who are also using this program. Thanks for any help or advice, looking forward to getting started!

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    Hi there, and welcome! I saw that you found your way over to the OK forum...that's great! I hope you can interact with other members who might be near you.

    As far as adding Christian beliefs to T4L, you can do that however you think it will work best. Some families supplement T4L with parts of a Christian based curriculum (or vice versa...they use T4L to supplement...) for specific subjects, like science. Some families, like mine, just have independent Bible study programs they incorporate into their school day.

    My boys have been using T4L for more than five years now and they have a pretty good routine going. They do two activities in language arts and math each day. Sometimes they will do three of each IF they blew through what they were working on (this usually happens when a concept or topic is being revisited or they are having a recap or something). Once they finish the language arts, then they do the language arts extensions. They usually end up doing all of the science and social studies lessons twice, lol...they like those subjects. Having said all that, they don't really do school from August to May. It's more from September to July, BUT we take off from Thanksgiving to New Year's so I would think it balances out to about August to May, lol.

    Here are a couple of links that you might find helpful... (I apologize if I gave you these links in reply to your post in the OK forum and I'm repeating myself)

    Welcome to Homeschooling Guide by Time4Learning
    Getting Started with Time4Learning

    Hope to see you around the boards here!
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    Welcome Elizabeth,

    My child is only being home schooled in the summertime as a summer school but we are Christian too. Actually I am amazed because my daughter likes to point out where she sees Heavenly fathers work in the world by what she learns on T4L. We even came to the conclusion we think Heavenly Father favorites shape is a circle. Atoms, planets, life cycles, everything we view as the big picture circular, of course this is just our little joke to keep him in our minds at all times and in all places. We look at things exclaiming what a wonderful artist Jesus Christ was when his father and him crafted the earth for us to earn our bodies. We study it just like someone who would study a painting. We discuss the commandment of seeking wisdom when she refuses to do the lesson plans because Minecraft became too addicting (that is a friendly jab because I checked it out from here. It is an awesome game in which we also discussed Heavenly fathers hard work LOL)
    We still do our scripture study of reading 10 minutes a day from our scriptures and discussing what we thought it meant and if any of it was meant for us and how we would apply it to our lives or start practicing it or can we look at it Heavenly father is complimenting us for the good works we have accomplished.
    Anyways that is how we do it and it will not be the same for everyone. I think the best advice you could get for that answer would be in reverent prayer and Seeking.He loves it when you do because it makes him feel important Him being a Jealous god and all.

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    Hi Elizabeth! I too am a homeschool mom of 3 boys in Oklahoma! our children are the same age as well! We too just started time4learning in August. I feel like we are twins, We live in the Choctaw area - where are you located? We did Abeka last year and loved it, but I struggled with my 9 year old. We just got a diagnosis of CAPD (Central Auditory Processing Disorder) which explains so much. In doing my research I learned that time4learning came highly recommended for kids with CAPD so we are trying it. So far we like it, though as with any new curriculum there is a learning curve. I just need to figure out how many lessons to do per day as well. With my oldest, I'm afraid I won't get it all done - with my 7 year old, I'm afraid he'll do it all too quickly (and might not absorb all of it). As for the biblical aspect, we just talk about it. When we read about life-cycles we talk about creation and how it all began. When we were talking about food chain, we discussed how the Lord set everything up in perfect balance - and then talked about how that looks in our life too. That's how I see it going for us. Plus I am adding in Penmanship - I have them write out their Bible verses - then they have to memorize them as well - so it's both Bible and Penmanship.

    I am new to the forums - haven't really looked around yet, maybe I'll see you on the Oklahoma site

    Blessings to you and your family this school year!!

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    I love to see families meet and connect through these forums.
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