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    Talking Homeschooling again

    Hello everyone!
    I have homeschooled our only child through the 2nd grade (except for the last quarter). Due to my cancer diagnosis, we had to put him in school at the end of 2nd grade, and all through 3rd. It worked out very well for all of us, but now that I am feeling better, he has asked to be homeschooled again, and I WANT to homes school him. So here we are beginning 4th grade.
    Looking forward to the interaction.

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    I'm so glad you are feeling better Teric. I know how difficult it is to homeschool while you are so sick. I was fortunate that I had a wonderful homeschool support group who took my son out several days a week. He was able to continue with field trips and social opportunities while I was too sick from the chemo to do anything. We did get behind on school work for a few months. I probably should have put him in school at that time. But we just worked through it. Anyway, I just wanted to say that I'm glad you made it through and are now able to bring your son back home. Best wishes
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    Teric, it's good to know you're feeling better and well enough to homeschool him again. How encouraging it is that he went to school and is asking to be homeschooled again. I sometimes see questions of kids asking to go to a brick and mortar school and parents asking how to answer their child or what to do.
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