Homeschooling from England
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    Default Homeschooling from England

    Hi there,

    Homeschooling isn't very well known over here in England, and all the best education for homeschoolers is US based (although word is slowly getting out, so there is hope yet!). So, my plan is to take my daughter through the US grades but supplementing with anything else that is needed (eg. English history, and later on studying the differences between US and UK English- something i personally find very interesting!) to make sure she stays in line with her peers here in England and can at some point jump into normal school in the future if she wishes. From what i can see though, the two curriculum's are broadly similar.

    My daughter is just about to turn 4 so is very young still so we are not doing anything super structured, just going at her pace really and having some fun for the next 12 months at least. She is pretty bright and keeps asking me to teach her things, knows all her letters and numbers and so on, so she is definitely ready for this. My main reasons for wanting to homeschool are to provide her a better, richer education beyond what i feel the schools around here would be able to offer.


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    Hi Donna, Welcome to Time4Learning. You are so right in taking things slowly and at your daughter's onw speed. I think too many parents, at least in the US, try to rush their children to learn too much too quickly. They don't have time to be little any more. It sounds like you have a good solid plan for her education.
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