How should I schedule for Mid-Year start?
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Thread: How should I schedule for Mid-Year start?

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    Default How should I schedule for Mid-Year start?

    I pulled my daughter out of public school mid-year 7th grade. I need to create a cirriculum for her to finish out 7th and be on schedule for 8th grade in Sept of 2014. I started with the Activity scheduler, but I have a question. Should she start at the beginning of 7th grade and run through until she is completed or is it best to start in the middle of 7th, so she can be on track for 8th grade?


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    That's a hard question to answer. A lot depends on your daughter and on how much she has learned already. Many new parents start at the beginning of the year. But instead of doing all of the lessons they just do the chapter tests. If she does well on the chapter test you could move on to the next chapter. If she struggles with the chapter test you could have her do the work for that chapter and then retake the test. For some subjects such as social studies or science you could go through the lesson plans with her. The first lesson is on the First Americans. Ask her what she knows about the First Americans. If she appears to have a fair grasp of the subject, move on to the next chapter. She will be going over this material again in later grades so there is not a problem if she misses some of the detail. Other parents just pick a point midway into the lessons and start from there. If you hit a point where she struggles you could back up a bit and try again.
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    I would add that her school might not have done things in the order that Time4Learning does, so starting at a point in the middle might mean she misses some things and repeats others. Remember that even if you started at the very beginning of 7th grade and let her work through quickly where she already knows the material and slower where she needs to you would still have 9 months before August 8th grade start. You will probably find that she can accomplish more work in a shorter period of time in homeschool as opposed to the amount of time it would take to cover the same material in traditional school.

    The other thing that you might need to consider is that students who move from traditional schooling to homeschooling sometimes need a decompression period when they learn to enjoy learning again, and figure out that things are different in homeschool.
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    I agree with both ladies and just want to add to their advice by sharing these links. It may help to look at the scope and sequence for 7th grade to determine what she's already covered in the public school. The curriculum overview may be helpful to you too.
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