IL Mom going to start homeschooling this summer
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    Default IL Mom going to start homeschooling this summer

    Hello! My name is Andee and I have one son who will be 7 in April. I always thought home schooling was for multi child families and with my son being an only it would be irresponsible for me to home school him. Well he has been diagnosed with Chronic Vocal Tic Disorder, OCD, and ADHD. He has a hard time at school because the stress of it makes everything worse. We decided to start home schooling this summer to see if we are compatible (I don't want him to resent me or vice versa) and then if things go well (which I pray they will) he will not return to school for the second grade. One of the biggest complaints his teacher has is 1. he is noisy and it bothers other students and 2. he takes twice as long as everyone else to complete his work. He gets good grades but he just does not fit the mold the school system has for a successful child. I am praying that I can take him off the meds he is on now and help him to deal with his issues in his own way, with out meds or shame. I love time 4 learning so far, we are using it as an after school supplement until the end of this school year and my Son begs to get on. First thing when I pick him up, he asks if he can get on time 4 learning and tonight he asked if he can get on before school tomorrow. That is a win in my book. I look forward to learning from you all as we start the adventure of home schooling.

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    Welcome to T4L Andeegirl!! My oldest son has Adhd as well so I know that you are talking about with takes twice as long in a school setting to finish and NOT being able to sit still. Congrats for recognizing it so soon, I volunteered in his classes until 5th grade in hopes that me being there would help, it didn't;( Two problems that we do not have with homeschooling thanks mostly to T4L!! The lessons were right up his alley (cartoons and funny) i never had any problems getting him to do his lessons!! And as soon as I took him out of the system i took him off the meds that made him so nervous and not eating or sleeping!! Now we still do have issues with him being over activate from time to time but making the 15 year go outside and walk his dog or do his basketball drills, jump rope help him focus focus focus!! So that is one tip I can give you make sure that you have FUN exercises to do a couple of times a day to help him get the wiggles out!!

    IL State group is a great place to find groups and tips for your state, so try posting their maybe there is a group near you for him to get out with once or more a week!! Our first year I was so excited that i signed up for everything under the sun, WE WERE never home. Finally I have found that nice balance!! Can't wait to hear how the summer goes for you both!!
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