I'm new to homeschooling!
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    Default I'm new to homeschooling!

    Hello everyone. We just moved from Texas to Oklahoma. My husband is in the military. We will only be here for 7 months. We have an eight year old son with ADHD & Asperger's autism. We also have a four year old daughter whom I believe has ADHD as well. This first time homeschooling my children while school age. Of course I taught them before they entered school. My son wanted me to homeschool him, so I just kept my daughter home too. We have been doing it for one week and I'm overwhelmed. I owned a daycare for four years before our daughter was born, so I thought that it would be very easy for me. I am trying to give them too much to do I think. I don't want them to be behind if they go back to school. I guess I need to know how to use the lesson plans and where I should really start. Also, how I could blend the two so that the lesson plans go together. Thanks for your help in advance!

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    Hi tashmia7, and welcome! I'm so sorry you're overwhelmed...I know it can be hard when you first jump in. And we all probably felt (and honestly still feel on occasion) overwhelmed. Some parents suggest a period of deschooling. Simply being at home together, getting used to everyone being there and realizing that it's not just like being in a classroom (unless of course, that's what you want/need for your homeschool). Having said that, that may not work for you if you are sure you're only going to be homeschooling temporarily. As far as using the lesson plans, the best advice I can give you is to look through this Hints and Help page. It lays out SO much about the T4L program, navigating the site, using the lesson plans, etc. Alternatively, you could just have them start at the beginning of the grade level, and do the activities in the order that T4L presents them.

    Each student works so differently, there's not a definitive line when it comes to "too much." You have to gauge that with your kiddos, but you are also faced with an additional obstacle...many homeschoolers know that they don't have to necessarily finish a grade, and for many of us, we never worry about the "what if I need to place them back in public school" issue. :/ I can tell you that my 8th grader has been using T4L since 2nd grade, and he has always done 2 language arts lessons, 2 math lessons and 1 each of science and social studies, and he usually completes each grade level in the school year.

    Besides the Hints and Help page I mentioned, I would also like to invite you to join the Oklahoma homeschool forum we have here. You also may enjoy poking around the rest of the forums we have on the boards here, specifically the Special Needs forum and the Members Chat on using T4L forum.

    I know that I didn't give you anything concrete to work with, and I'm sorry. Just know that it will get better. You guys will find your groove and things will start to smooth out. Enjoy this journey, and the extra time with your wee ones.

    Always feel free to ask any questions you have! Good luck!
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    Katie gave you excellent advice. The only thing I would add is that you might want to join a homeschool support group and/or a homeschool co-op even if you only homeschool a short time. They are both very beneficial. You can Google homeschool support groups and homeschool co-op for your particular area.

    Remember, sometimes less is more. Kids learn way more than you realize from everyday experiences, not just from prepared lessons. Most likely they will NOT be behind at all if you decide to put them back in public school.

    Best wishes.

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