Introducing myself!
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    Default Introducing myself!

    Saying hello from California!

    I just signed my son up for Time4Learning. He's 5 and getting ready for kindergarten next year. He loves playing on the computer, so I'm hoping to make that time educational! Looking forward to this new experience!

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    Hello! Welcome to T4L, and to homeschooling.

    My youngest started T4L with the Pre-K program and loved the Kindy level. So much so, that he blew through it and repeated it again before he started first grade, lol! The playground games on T4L are fun and both of my boys enjoyed them. If you wanted a few more options for educational games, you can check out Learning Games for Kids as well. There are loads of free games there.

    Hope you and your son enjoy this experience, and Time4Learning! Make sure you check out and join our California homeschool forum we have here, if you haven't can be a great resource for keeping up with homeschool activities/laws/etc. in CA, and for meeting other homeschooling families near you.
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