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    Hi everyone I am new to Time4Learning my son is 16 and has been homeschooled in 2 other organizations. The last one was not what we needed. I could not keep up with the records I dropped the ball. I hope this program gets him back on track. I work full time at a Wal-Mart 1 to 10. My husband is disabled and dose his best. Our son is very smart as all moms say and very self motivated.

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    Welcome to T4L! Since your son is self motivated, T4L should be a great fit for him. He can move at his own pace, and the program keeps wonderful records that you can sort and print as you need them. You will also be able to see how long he is taking for each lesson, and how many he completes each day. You might want to check out your own state forum, and the Welcome to Homeschooling Guide (see the link in the helpful resources tab at the top of the page.) Again welcome, and hope to see you around the forums!
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    Hello, Endelia. Welcome to Time4Learning. The progress reports are one of the things that I appreciate about Time4Learning. I found T4L a few years ago when I started working outside the home and needed accountability for my children...and for myself. Even when I came back home full time, we've continued with Time4Learning because my daughter loves it and it's been the best curriculum we've tried with her.

    I wanted to also share this website with you: You can find lots of helpful information and resources for homeschooling high school. You can also find free templates for things like transcripts and diplomas. There is also a parent forum and a student forum.
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