It's always "Time4Learning" because learning happens all the time
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    Default It's always "Time4Learning" because learning happens all the time

    Hello Everyone!

    After lurking for a few months, I decided to join the Forum so I could interact with other T4L families, and even possibly share a little about what's working for my own family.

    So...let me get this introduction done, so I can move on to the good stuff! I am a 36-year-old mother of two AWESOME boys (ages 12 & 10). I am a Registered Nurse, but I currently choose to be unemployed in my field, so that I can care for and educate my children in my own home.

    Brace yourself for this next part:

    The father of my children is a married man. I am also married. My children's father and I have been involved in a continuous love affair that began in September of 1997. Neither of us were married back when we met and fell head-over-heels. Our lives were changed when we both got married...get this...on the SAME DAY, August 15, 1998. That is the day we exchanged our vows WITH EACH OTHER, but that isn't the day our love affair ceased. In fact, it continues to this very day! (HA! Had you going for a second, huh?!)

    In short, the title of this post explains, in a nutshell, my philosophy for home education. I am so grateful to have an affordable, user-friendly, electronic venue through which my children can learn the "Three Rs," and some science and social studies, as well, but T4L is not our only source of curriculum. My approach is eclectic. Some days, we are "radical unschoolers." Other days, we are all "by the book," or in our case, the computer, with T4L. Some days we are all science or social studies; other days, we double up on math and language arts. We take lots of field trips in which we learn about conducting the business of keeping a home and taking care of a family. Every grocery shopping trip is a field trip. Every dental or medical appointment is a field trip. Going out to eat is a field trip, and so is going to church, and taking pets to the vet, and visiting Daddy at work...because learning happens all the time, if you let it! (Oh yeah, and we take some other field trips, too, which look more like "real" field trips...the beach, museums, historical sites, etc.). The great thing about T4L is that, no matter where we go, our core curriculum is portable. We can use t4L anywhere there is a WiFi hotspot or a place to plug into the Internet!

    Thanks in advance for stopping by my post to meet me. I look forward to chatting with some of you soon!

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    Wow! What a fabulous introduction!! I loved reading that!

    Thanks so much for telling us a little about you and your a very funny way, no less, lol. Welcome to T4L. We love it too, and have been using it for a little more than 6 years now. I love that my boys can access it anywhere and I love that it works around our schedule. If they log on every day, great. If two weeks goes by (we are almost unschoolers, and T4L works great for filling in between other stuff they are learning about) between log ins, its right there waiting on them.

    Feel free to poke around the boards and see what other conversations you can jump into. Also, stop by your state homeschool forum and join there. It can be a good way to keep up with homeschool laws/activities in your state, but it can also be a good way to meet other T4L members that are near you.

    Thanks again, and I look forward to seeing you around!
    Coffee drinker, gadget addict, proud geek.
    Accidentally homeschooling since 2005!

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    Hi, Terra.
    Ha, you did have me going there for a bit. LOL!! It is so sweet that you are in a love affair still....with the man you married. Living at your house must be so much fun. Never a dull moment with that great sense of humor.

    Your way of homeschooling sounds a lot like mine. A little of this, a little of that, sometimes nothing, sometimes a lot. We've used a lot of different curricula in the 12 years we've been homeschooling with each of our kids. I put together what would work for us each year. Time4Learning is the only one that I have stuck with this long for our youngest. If I'd known of it when my older kids were in elementary, I would've used it then. We love T4L!!!

    Our youngest has been using T4L for a little over 4 years. She has Down syndrome and is working in lower elementary levels, depending on the subject. She really enjoys the animated interactive lessons, and she's learning. It is so helpful for her that she can work at her own pace and that we can repeat lessons as often as she needs to retain the information.

    We're a little more disciplined in our high school years after putting our kids in a local high school homeschool program. Once a week they attend classes for their core subjects. They come home with assignments for each subject for the rest of the week. This is easier for me with subjects like math, which is not a good subject for me to teach, and sciences like Chemistry.

    Well, I look forward to seeing you around the forums.

    having fun homeschooling and learning with our 3 kids using T4L and T4W

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